Instructions: Db Use - opens a database Db Close - closes an opened database Db Saved On - sets the record state Db Saved Off - sets the record state Db Select - selects a given channel Db Select First - select the first used channel Db Select Next - select the first unused channel Db Goto - record positioning Db Put - puts data to a field Db Append - add a new record Db Append Blank Db Swap - swap two record Db Delete - delete the current record Db Recall - recall a deleted record Db Pack - remove deleted records Db Zap - remove all records Db Skip - step to the next record Db Cutspace On/Off - controls the empty spaces on the field Db Setdeleted On/Off- controls the acess of deleted records Db Notify - flushes database and allow notification Db Locate - searching record by record Db Continue - search for the next occurence Functions: =Db Flen() - length of each field =Db Ftype() - type of the date =Db Field$() - the name of the given field =Db Field() - the number of the named field =Db Get() - the contents of a field System variables: Db Sel - number of the work area Db Address - address of the internal date zone Db Fieldno - number of the fields Db Recsaved - state of the record Db Opencount - return the number of used channels Db State - used or unused, this is the question Db Reccount - number of the records Db Recno - number of the current record Db Recle - record length Db Deleted Db Found - result of the last Db Locate

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