Welcome to the SymBase home! Here, you can find something about Amiga and database handling. The main effort behind the name SymBase is to enjoy programming an Amiga. The result is, -and more precisely- will be, a database programming environment.

The low level, mostly Xbase compatible routines are made in 68k assembly. It is slow to develop, and not portable, but very, very enjoyable. The applications and tools found in this place are -hopely- handy for anybody, but the programming environment is targeted a very narrow layer of Amigans, the Amos fans.

A 4GL environment is also planned, so as you can see, I have much more plan than talent, time and money. So you are welcome, if you would like to join to support SymBase.

13-Dec-2005 Version 0.94 can be get from the download page.
18-Jan-2003 V0.91 update with FFP support and minor bugfixes.
From this version it needs date.library from Aminet.
06-May-2002 Version 0.89 can be get from the download page. Tools section has got some text.
27-Nov-2001 V0.85 update with minor bugfixes in the extension and in Dedit.
11-Nov-2001 Version 0.84 can be downloaded from here SymBase.lzx
11-May-2001 Site updated
10-May-2001 Version 0.77 can be downloaded from here

Applications using SymBase:
- SymVoice system
- Database tools. See in the Tools section.
- BookShelf (Stupid database example to storing book directory datas. There is in the main SymBase archive.)

(©)Copyright 2002 by Zoltan Lazar