This is the official page of Symbase.
Database programming environment for Amiga range of computers.

Database programming environment for AmosPro.
Current version: 0.94
Last updated: 2005 dec 13.

Some answares for your vinyl cutting questions.
I have a Roland PC50 ColorCAMM vinyl cutter, and this is the place, where I share my experiences about the relationship of this machine and the Amiga.

Invoice, store management and other useful tools to aid small businesses.

Amiga One community page. Beware! Hungarian language.

The remake of the famous hungarian diskmag. It is made to run on P96 or CGX equipped Amigas, Amiga1 or MorphOS.

Site history:
13-Dec-2005 SymBase section updated. V0.94 downloadable. Fixed OS4 compatibility problems.
18-Jan-2003 SymBase update. V0.91 downloadable. CutLab update in the Vinyl Section.
06-May-2002 SymBase section updated. V0.89 downloadable. New cutlab in the vinyl section!
27-Nov-2001 SymBase update. V0.85 downloadable.
11-Nov-2001 SymBase section updated
11-Nov-2001 New CutLab V1.32 in the Vinyl Cutting section
09-Nov-2001 SymVoice page opened
31-May-2001 Vinyl cutting section uploaded with downloadable CutLab V1.2
11-May-2001 Site updated

And some more Amiga related informations:

Connect a pc drive to Amiga Some trick on the cable will do the magic!

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